Sooner or later people find their profession. Robert Sturm has been convinced since he had entered his professional career.

Robert Sturm, born in Nuremberg, holds a varied as well as stringent spectrum of competences, which he always enlarges further within his activities and studies. He always focuses to see, to understand and to use laws, mechanisms, necessities and patterns of behaviour– may be in psychological, personal or economic context, and he tries hard to find possibilities to optimize them.

Robert Sturm recognizes his own vocation to discover potentials, to foster them and to reach optimal results. It does not make any difference, whether he assumes a function as counsellor, mediator, supervisor, trainer and coach for single persons, groups, teams or enterprises, profit or non-profit making organizations, political organizations or governments.


The professional and personal competences held by Robert Sturm are as wide ranging as the spectrum of his activities. Robert Sturm supports various profit- and non-profit making organisations and single person, groups and teams both at home and abroad. His expertise as counsellor, mediator, supervisor, trainer and coach is in demand by economy, media and politics.

Between the years 2005 and 2011 Robert Sturm was in ordinary to the Republic of Vanuatu (in former times New Hebrides) of the Foreign Service as as an permanent representative and special envoy, coordinated by the permanent mission of the Republic Vanuatu in Paris. In 2006 he was appointed for ambassador to the Republic of Vanuatu, as an UN-Diplomat and for permanent representative to the organisation of the United Nations by the deputy premier minister and foreign minister Hon. Sato Kilman.

Furthermore Robert Sturm is available for the government as advisor or consultant.

You can find further information about www.robert-sturm.com

Academic certificates

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • PhDr. (Philosophy)
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration (University)
  • MM – Master of Mediation (University)
  • MA – Master of Arts (University)
  • Diplom-Supervisor – Qualified Supervisor (University)
  • Diplom-Gerontologe – Qualified Gerontologist (University)
  • Diplom-Mediator – Qualified Mediator (FH)
  • Diplom-Heilpädagoge – Qualified Remedial Teacher (FH)
  • Diplom-Sozialpädagoge – Qualified Social Teacher (FH)


Joint elements affect many of the sphere of life and knowledge of our society. It is essential to take note of these mutualities and to know and to improve these conditions positively. It is, however, exactly the same, to know extremely well these areas, in which the alterations are modified.

Robert Sturm reaches in his activities for a widespread spectrum of scientific, social and economic competences. Like this he uses a networked way of thinking and working, leading to coherent and interdisciplinary meaningful results. Selected methods of work and instruments are applied on this occasion:

  • Counselling
  • Marketing
  • Research/Trend
  • Zukunftsforschung
  • Futurology Monitoring
  • Supervision
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Mediation
  • Moderation


Would you please download here the pdf-file with all information about Robert Sturm. You can find further information about Dr. Robert Sturm under www.robert-sturm.com


The most beautiful thing what you can give to people is your time.

Don Bosco

An individual person with his own ideas and ideals is behind each business concept and each vision. A sight on the person Robert Sturm enables the interview as follows:

Prof. Sturm, first of all a question: I can’t help wondering whether I see your visiting card: So many titles – among other things two doctor titles and several academic graduates, apart from the fact that you are an ambassador and special legate – how do you manage it? How do you bring it into being?

The final examinations and titles I have obtained result logically from one another, interlock in each other and build up on each other. A reflected proceeding is essential with all my activities. Normally, the most important part of the course is taken, if you make yourself aware of clear goals and values. Though it is that I am very aware of my time and I use it efficiently. I would not stand there, where I am today, without a clear and consequent time management.

If you look on your activity profile it makes a good impression to see you very widespread, because you approach various groups of purpose. How is it to find the least common denominator of your activities?

To put it more precisely: the human being and its existence. You could write volumes about these topics! The human being is for me the most fascinating thing you can deal with and which is worthy to look into. People are at the same time so easy and so complicated – there are mechanisms and laws – but basically still nothing is to compare with. All and each one is inimitable and anyone is for this reason looking for himself for that point making sense and everyone will reach fulfilment thereby. We all aspire to give our life meaning and we are so similar and different in the same extend.

What were you doing? Did you have other plans in former times or was that really your thing?

Well, as a child I was naturally filled with the desire to become a forester or a pilot: both are the most intensive phases of demand I remember. Today I see it as fascinating that these were imaginations, having much to do with liberty and development. From childhood on liberty has been one of my most important motivations.

I am grateful for enjoying so many liberties, and I am always conscious of this privilege again and I try very carefully how to handle with my own liberty and the one of the others. It has been a step which suggests itself, to transfer this attempt to my work and to make my job in order to support people to find their personal liberty and their personal way now and then.

What do you want to achieve with your work and your engagement? What are your goals?

I think of a quotation of Rousseau:” People, your very first task should be to be human.

That’s it! It sounds strange, but it is my overriding object and goal, to serve the people and by this way, to contribute to a part of peaceful cooperation within my possibilities. Because it does not matter in what dimensions of magnitude – the peaceful cooperation is one of the most important values of the mankind. We should never loose sight of this matter in these times, in which ominous and terrifying incidents are occuring more and more frequently.


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